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Leader in Design, Welding, & Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels & Equipment since 1997. SFI is a custom fabrication company that specializes in the fabrication of oil and natural gas production equipment.

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Superior Fabrication's VOC Flares are designed for burning waste / vent gas from storage tanks, exhaust from instruments such as level controls and pressure pilots and any other low pressure gas source. The flares are sized based on the following criteria for a minimum of 98% destruction efficiency. The VOC Flare is an Enclosed Flare, also refered to as a ground flare, as in the case of API publication 931 chapter 15. It is simply a flare that has been surrounded by barrier. Since the flare is at ground level, maintenance is much easier and safer. The enclosure also limits the affects of wind and downdrafts.
The enclosed flare meets the requirements of CFR title 40 §63.771(d)(1)(iii) as a “Flare” per §63.11(b). §63.11(b)(1) Operator shall monitor and operate the control device.§63.11(b)(2) The SFI flare is a non-assisted, natural draft type.§63.11(b)(3) The flare is operated continuously.§63.11(b)(4) The flare is designed to have no visible emissions, except for a maximum total of 5 minutes in any 2 hour period. Test Method 22 in appendix A of part 60 is to be used in determining visible emissions.§63.11(b)(5) The flare is equipped with a constant pilot flame monitored by a thermocouple. The thermocouple causes instant re-light should there be a pilot outage.§63.11(b)(6) Refer to §63.11(b)(7)(i) The SFI flares are sized for 10 ft/sec based on anticipated flow rates.
Conditions : (Note: If a range is given in these conditions, the worst case will be used for sizing and pricing)
SCFH, (Maximum rate at any time)
Will the rate be constant or variable?
(PSIG or OZ) (Source pressure less friction loss)
(BTU per cuft, attach gas analysis if available)
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